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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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spector. hates elevators but loves flamenco. >> that is his profile but loves flamenko and hates escalator explains which why he developed the flamenclator. >> brett: thanks for joining us. o'reilly wouldn't tangle with him. >> o'reilly factor is on. >> billionaires and they blame it on the unions. unbelievable. >> it's coming down the wire. will governor walker fire thousands of state workers and where is president obama who said this while campaigning for president. >> i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes. i'll walk on that picket line with you. >> so far the president is no
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show. chris wallace and lou dobbs will talk about it. >> it's an emergency. glenn beck has something to say about the big pro demonstrations that may take place tomorrow. the beckmeister will be here. >> you sound like thomas jefferson. >> i'm not thomas jefferson he was a [ bleep ]. >> cbs loses millions of dollars because charlie sheen has become unhinged. >> geraldo has the inside story as two and a half men has been closed down. >> wow! >> caution, you are about to the no-spin zone from california. the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hings i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles. thanks for watching us tonight. why hasn't president obama gone to wisconsin in support of the union workers there? that is the subject of the talking points memo. on november 3rd, 2007, then senator barack obama said this on the campaign trail. >> if american workers are being denied their rights to organize and collective bargaining when i'm in the white house i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes my search. i will walk on that picket line as president of the united states of america. >> bill: so far he hasn't fulfilled the promise. he is staying out of brawl and there is good reason for that. writing in the "wall street journal", kimberly nails. i he is the boss of force that numbers up two million. those federal workers cannot bargain for wages or benefits. in 1978, democratic president jimmy carter back by a
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democratic congress passed the civil service reform act and it prescribes over employees could bargain and prohibited compulsory union support, unquote. so federal workers don't have the union rights that wisconsin workers have. the only thing the federal union can do is negotiate personnel merits. that is why president obama can't go to wisconsin. his guys don't have many union rights thanks to president carter and mr. obama has not advocated for any change. according to a new poll by wisconsin, a nonprofit partisan group, 77% of wisconsinites believe that the union cuts are fair. and 69% of wisconsin residence believe state workers have better benefits than private employees. earlier this morning the wisconsin assembly passed a bill
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that would put the state workers union on the par with the feds but it can't be voted on the senate because 14 democratic senators have fled the state. that is where we are right now. next week governor walker is threatening to lay off thousands of workers but no matter what happens in this very important labor controversy, emotions are getting out of control. this is what occurred in wisconsin, in the assembly during the vote early this morning. >> the bill is passed. all in favor, say aye, all opposed say nay, the ayes have it. the assembly adjourned. >> bill: bottom line on the story, and for public unions for all over the u.s.a., cutbacks are going to happen and the power of the public unions will be diminished.
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that is memo. >> now for the top story, reaction joining us from washington, anchor chris wallace. a pretty tight spot for president obama, right? >> that is interesting. i must say prior to kim strossel i didn't know about that. i didn't know most americans did. i'm going to give hundred percent credit to kimberly strossel. i did not know that either until i read her column that two million federal workers have no bargaining power in their union, salary benefits or anything like that. >> it would be difficult for president obama. think there are other reasons as well but it would difficult for him to go to wisconsin and advocate they have a collective bargaining rights when his own federal workers don't have the same bargaining rights. i think also, last week wee he talked about an assault on the unions. they were at first putting out
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the democratic national committee that his political arm organizing for america was mobilizing some of the protests and some of the opposition in wisconsin. i think they came to realize the public wasn't so smart as they looked at the polls. they are trying to move to the senate and getting the independents back and they know the keys is trying to cut government spending. it's pretty hard to defend these deals that the public unions have that private workers would dream. >> bill: but they are in tighter spot with the revelation that the federal workers unions doesn't have any rights to benefits or salary. that revelation and who signed it? the democratic president. who passed it? a democratic congress. the democrats now can't tell walker or any other governor, hey, you can't do it because the democratic party did it. it had had two years under president obama complete control of both houses of congress to
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change it. it didn't happen. because the federal government well knows, as you know, that it can't be held hostage because, federal government would shut down if the workers went on strike. that what happened to the traffic controllers under regulate on an. >> reagan had the answer in 1981 as he just fired them, 11,000 of them, it really put an end to the turmoil among the federal workers. they realized, hey, you got a tough president. he is not going to fool around. what is interesting watching that scene in wisconsin house, because ugly as it was and all the shouting at least that was democracy in action. it's far better than the wisconsin senate which it doesn't have any debate at all because of the fact the house, the senate democrats are all hiding in illinois. that seems to me to be really an
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anti-democratic and small "d" of the first order. it's one thing to go in you filibuster to do the rules allow but to hide from state troopers and hide in another state and we're not going to participate.... >> bill: it's not going to come out well for the democratic party or president obama or not come out well for the public sector unions. that is what is going to happen. let's talk a little khadafy for 90 second. the guy is finished. here is the problem. unlike mubarak there is nowhere for him to go. wherever he goes he will be tried for terrorism because of lockerbie and berlin disco bombing. muammar khadafy is going to fight it out hou but how do you see it? >> i certainly agree about the problem. there is to exile for him. in amin there was someplace he
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could go, saudi arabia. >> bill: he can't go to saudi arabia. there is no way for him to go there. >> uganda. but north korea, there is someplace he could go. but also with his self image as arab, pan arab leader. think he will fight to the death and unfortunately it won't be just his death, it could be hundreds or thousands of rebels who are trying to seize power in libya. >> bill: his son is calling his shots. i believe khadafy is a drug addict and it's almost like hussein. you had two crazy sons running around. i think it's going to end within days. i'll give you the last word. what are you going to talk about on your program on sunday? >> we're going to have the latest on this and talk to our panel about what, if anything, can the rest of the world do. my answer to that is not match. we'll talk to mitch daniels, the governor indiana, front lines of
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fight on what to do. in fact, one of the first orders of business as an executive order when had he was inaugurated as governor several years ago was to take away the collective bargaining rights on lot of these issues from public workers. the state budget in indiana just changed like that. >> bill: one of the most stable states rate now. >> we'll talk to him about that and possibly running for president in 2012. >> bill: lou dobbs on rising oil prices and what should be done with the terrorists. and cbs took kharl kelly sheen off the air costing them millions
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>> glenn: why president obama had a hasn't inserted him self into the wisconsin. joining us is lou dobbs. did you know about this jimmy carter law? >> i did not know about that. >> bill: isn't that stunning? >> but it comports with the rest of carter administration, if you will. >> bill: but it makes it impossible for barack obama to go to wisconsin and demand that walker give the state union, public union all of these
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negotiation rights when the -- negotiating rights when they don't have it? >> it has no ability to the federal employees, of course. for years, as you know, bill, it was unlawful in this country to be a public employee to be unionized. it was mayor wagner in new york that changed all of that. it was the union changing all of that in madison, wisconsin. first major effort to organize public employees which is where one hopes we will see that all change with governor walker prevailing in this contest as i think he will. >> bill: so you are on his side hundred percent, the unions taken down? >> i not only want the unions taken down but i want the unions are supporting republicans to be eliminated. frankly, franklin roosevelt made it clear, and stated more than 70 years ago, it's an absolute
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conflict of interest to have public employees unionized and working through collective bargaining or otherwise against the interests of the american people as reflected in the government. why that is so elusive to the folks in ohio and new york and slayer just other states is beyond me because it's a true conflict of interest. >> bill: explain the conflict of interest really quickly. >> sure. >> bill: the dues are given to whatever political candidate they want. is that what you are talking about? >> that is part of it. the other part of it, whether they are negotiating, jon corzine, the former governor of new jersey, if he is running the office telling the unions of new jersey that he is going to an advocate for them. how can a governor be a public employee unions and the people? >> bill: so to constrain the budget and keep thinking fair.
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okay. now oil prices, i hear the oil companies want 5 dollars a gallon by labor day. there is turbulence but i think the oil companies may seize upon it to raise the prices as high as they can at the pump? >> no question about it. what we are watching it as utterly contrived in explosion in prices higher, whether we're talking about trading pits of rotterdam or whether it's new york, we are talking about a rigged game. we still have an administration that is not addressed the fact that this dramatic run-up in prices, 13% in crude oil prices this week alone what they are going to do about it. you know, when president bush was confronted with $150 a barrel oil, within 11 days he signed an executive order lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling. that broke the back of a $150
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oil immediately. why this administration is accepting this kind of nonsense from opec which is cartel for crying out loud. it's not a free market enterprise, i have no idea why he would do that. >> bill: and saudis said they would make up production loss from libya. so the united states are going to keep supporting them. but do you believe the oil price rise in america is contrived? >> i do. >> bill: there is plenty of oil supply and they are ceasing upon this to get more money out of consumer? >> absolutely. the idea that oil companies want $5 for a gallon of gasoline, absolutely true. we are reiterating the period march through june we typically see gasoline prices rise anyway. there is nonsense going on in the markets which is --.
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>> bill: i wish the oil companies would look out for the stockholders not the stockholders but the company. >> glenn beck is on fox with the pro union rallies that may take place tomorrow. ñ]?ú?9.únñ@n÷ñ?hw@cçbú%?ñç
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>> bill: i've been coming out to l.a. in more than 40 years. in that time the city has changed dramatically. half the population is hispanic. there are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens living here. one l.a. councilman says it's costing the city $600 million alone. one man that knows the place is
5:22 am
paul rodriguez. >> hey, you, i'm talking to you. i need a beer. bring me some beer now! >> i can get my own. >> bill: i talked to mr. rodriguez about the city a couple of days ago. >> so mr. rodriguez you've been in los angeles for more than 50 years. you're from mexico. you've seen enormous changes just in 20 years, a population of hispanics in l.a. has gone from 30% to 50%. is this a good or bad thing for the city? >> that is still to be found out. personally i think there are a lot of positive things to america. but it gets a lot of attention aren't so positive.
5:23 am
immigration is something we ourselves have to be blamed for, on the one hand it's not fair to lure people with cheap jobs and at the same time punish them for coming here. >> bill: there is definitely a responsibility on the part of business and federal government. i've always said that. they look the other way for many years on illegal immigration. now there is a big crackdown. doesn't there have to be, we can't have an open border with mexico and central and latin america? >> no. i think a lot of us are not advocating open borders. >> bill: but in los angeles, a city council person says we spend $600 million, $600 million on illegal alien benefits, to the americans, every year in this city, and the city is broke. >> absolutely. mexican americans that have
5:24 am
political power they don't have the backbone to call it what it is. >> bill: do you think it's wrong? >> absolutely. i'm a taxpayer, you have schools i think for the children and both that are legal and illegal here, they are brought by their parents here. >> bill: when somebody asks you, came here when you were four years and in a success. you are in a tight spot because you don't seem to be an anarchist, but at the other time you want people treated fairly? >> the only solution that is even plausible is the solution in 40s is a guest worker program. giving amnesty for 3 million or 4 million is going to encourage another 3 million people. >> what do you do with the people here, do you send them home forcefully? >> if we have to at one point cut it off and say look, that is
5:25 am
what amnesty was supposed to do during the reagan administration. it had the opposite effect, it informed the next cans on the other side, if you can come and stay under the radar for three or fours years and you will be a citizen. i think first of all, the border has to be tightened up. if we can secure the border in north korea, nothing gets through, we can certainly secure the border. i don't think the democrats or republicans want that. >> bill: not up to this point. >> there are a lot of things done. my parents were migrant farm workers. my kids and your kids aren't going to do it. >> bill: we have to have guest worker programs to fill those jobs. >> what is the situation. agriculture is still the biggest industry in california. that is what i do up in fresno. >> bill: you are an american success story. you came from a humble beginning
5:26 am
and i wanted people to hear your opinion and see they can do it, too. >> thank you. i really feel successful, i'm on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: starring in an upcoming movie, without men. from l.a., glenn beck has some thoughts on van jones calling for full union rallies across the u.s.a. tomorrow and geraldo on cbs's suspending charlie sheen's sitcom taking a bit financial hit in the process. ♪
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>> bill: geraldo segment. charlie sheen makes cbs tens of millions of dollars a year but as you know he has been having personal problems and the other day he said this on the radio. >> the only thing i'm addicted to winning. this brute light cult.
5:30 am
>> bob: joining us from new york fox news anchor, geraldo rivera. they are saying the cbs would take an enormous hit because it won't come back. you say? >> i don't think in the short term, they don't have any impact. they paid $4 million for each original episode delivered. so presumably in the short term, the four episode that will not
5:31 am
be done, cbs will be saving. in the short term this season, $16 million. now, they can and they will run repeats of two and a half men in the same time slot. as the phenomenon the program is so successful that the repeats do a rating that is comparable to the original. cbs in the short term saves money. time warner, warner brothers the studio will take a hit somewhat because they'll lose some of the production money. but they have in the can already 177 episodes of the program now in the eighth season. the real money for the studio down the line is in syndication where you see it not on cbs but on one of the off-network channels or perhaps even on fox. they pay a ton of money for that. it's estimated the 177 episodes already in the can represent a billion dollar asset for the
5:32 am
warner brothers studio. that is the reason neither warner brothers or cbs did it. >> bill: so have made enough to make a hit. it cripples the prime time line-up. they take a top ten show and it's gone. this is the scuttlebutt out in l.a. i don't know whether it's true. i don't really care and number two i have no connections in the business. sha sheen is so dark that he is saying so many things that are violent imagery, he attacked the producer of two and a half men and anti-at the met particular way some say. cbs fears will harm himself. that the underlying gossip. they had to get out of him now. >> here comes the outrage in what i want to say. i'm going spell it out.
5:33 am
it's very important for people to hear. it's fascinating to me that over the last decade plus, this man is a serial woman abuser. he has shocked them and beaten them. he has abused women in every regard in a violent way, injuring some of them and still he has been free to work his delayed on the network. everything is forgiven as long as he shows up for work, reasonably sober and reads his lines. now, he takes this next step. this step into anti-semitism. you can be a woman beat they are los angeles, you cannot be an anti-semite. when he charles charles m.levine the real name of chuck laurie and creator of the two and a half men program and he refers to him by, hiam levine, and then
5:34 am
uses language like, lays down with his ugly wife in front of his ugly children, calls the guy a maggot and turd after levine the obviously anti-at the mitt particular reference. this is too far. remember what happened to mel gibson when he asked the cop on pacific coast highway if he was jewish. that made mel gibson a pariah in the community and possibly never recover. this to my view is far worse. you can hang out with hookers and beat them up, but you start this anti-at the met particular stuff. in that town, this guy now, you'll be lucky -- i don't think the baseball movie he did, major league, i don't think he'll make that movie. i think it will be years before he gets work and he is not going anywhere near mainstream
5:35 am
television ever. >> bill: you've been following the wisconsin situation? >> i think the wisconsin democrats, why do people hate them. the majority of people hate them because they are cowards, they have run out of their own state. they were hiding out in illinois in some resort. here is my suggestion to them, as civil rights person, go back to your home state. go back to where you were elected, stand with the demonstrators, refuse to go in to cast your votes. the government will get the court to order you to go back. defy the court order and you will go to jail. in jail, civil rights activists you will be heroes. in illinois you are cowards. >> bill: all right. his solution. when we come back, van jones forced out of the obama administration now trying to administration now trying to organize massive labor rallies as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly reporting from southern california. in the glenn beck segment tonight he was the first one to president obama's green job, a man named van jones had a radical past. mr. jones resigned after that. now jones is calling for a massive pro union rallies tomorrow and beck has some thoughts. i talked with him last night. >> have you ever been to los angeles, they love you out in hollywood? >> the hollywood elite and i, we are like, it's like solidarity. >> bill: now, your pal van jones you made very famous, before you got a hold of him nobody heard of him.
5:40 am
now, he is calling for massive demonstrations in solidarity with the workers in wisconsin on saturday. >> oh, yeah. he calling for restoration of the american dream. this is the original book that talked about the epic of america and american dream. it coined the phrase american dream, woodrow wilson of progressives. american dream is not the way he is talking about it. the way it's known by progressives, let's give everybody a fair shake. this is something they talked about the net roofs conference in 2008 they had to restore the american dream. wait to do it is get people into unions. bill, there was an emergency, this is an emergency according to you have to have it happen on saturday. how do you get all these sponsors together with a spontaneous idea buyer van jones on tuesday? you get all these groups together, answer is you don't. this was planned in 2008 they
5:41 am
started talking about this. >> bill: it's going to be all over the country, it's not going to be your rally, everybody goes everywhere. >> you go to the capital and it's like woodstock but better. love and tambourines and probably a little anger. >> bill: i have to say this, beck. i'm not worried about this. i don't think it sways public opinion. i think they have a perfect right to demonstrate peacefully. this just doesn't worry me. i'm not worried. >> i'm not worried either but this is the other side of the movement. this is like the new change. obama says, hey, we've got to have change. everybody says, yes, we need change. now, we are left with change, that wasn't a good idea.
5:42 am
we need him to define it. the net roof conference in 2008 defined the american dream. what they are doing here is a scooping people up into the hard part and talking about the american dream. be very careful. it's what do you think it is. >> bill: now, a guy who scares me, van jones, net roots people don't scare me. >> may i quote yoda, oh, they will, they will, yes. >> bill: as long as there are you and me to watching the guys they aren't going to get away. >> now there an imam unbeknownst to the white house he thinks the muslim brotherhood a secular organization. he is back in egypt. i want to roll a tape on something he said recently. go. >> so -- he says --
5:43 am
>> bill: this is much more troubling to me. >> he went on in that speech to say, by the way, what hitler did they exaggerated but they deserved it. it was allah that helped him do it. he goes on to say, i pray to allah every day even in my wheelchair, if he will bring the jews around i'll shoot them from my wheelchair. he is my my cal. she positioning himself to be the new ayatollah. he is the eighth or ninth influential muslim in the world. he had -- quarter of a million people on the streets in cairo in tahrir square. they filled that square last friday. they were all chanting about going over and killing the jews by the end.
5:44 am
>> bill: there is no doubt they have to watch him and muslim brotherhood. it doesn't seem the white house again has any urgency in this. i can't honestly say i know how powerful he is. i don't. i asked the president during the interview, about the muslim brotherhood. he didn't really give an answer. i looked at him in the eye, i said, look, these are bad people and we don't them part of any government. he didn't say anything? >> do you know why the president he didn't make a statement about libya. there is possible genocide. he doesn't make a statement. when he does eight days later he makes a statement and doesn't mention muammar khadafy. why is that bill? >> bill: you know about our campaign to have him arrested by u.s. authorities and tried for the lockerbie bombing and other terrorist crimes. we're definitely going to press. that where are you going to be on saturday. will you be with van jones? >> i'm doing some writing this
5:45 am
weekend. i just started a new job. i've got a lot of revamping to do. on this particular job. >> bill: don't work too hard. you have to have leisure time. next time i'll bring you out to l.a. >> i need you to see you in my office when we get back too bill. >> the factor shirt. did you pay for that? >> no, i got it off a homeless guy out front. >> bill: glenn beck, there he is. >> in a moment, hollywood not what it used to be. john wayne and rock hudson, big stars out here. what happened.
5:46 am
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5:49 am
>> bill: there is one man out here in los angeles who knows about hollywood than anyone else. he is 94-year-old ernest borgnine. he has seen it all from mchale's navy. >> you pretty much span all these decades and you are still working. it's an amazing story just on your own, but you have known pretty much all these titans and you are an honest guy. let's start with frank sinatra. from here to eternity, wins an academy award but before the movie his career was going nowhere. >> sometimes he was in between. he went well-liked up in the front office but he was well-liked wherever we were. we did a scene together. i'm playing the piano.
5:50 am
he broke the eyes. from then on, i loved him like a brother. >> he had a reputation to be a tough guy, was he tough guy? >> no, he wasn't. he was the sweet man in the world. >> you did a movie with rock hudson, ice station zebra. hudson obviously made headlines when they found out he had aids and he was gay. did everybody know he was guy in hollywood? >> oh, i knew. he had his little cadre boys around the lunch hour. >> bill: he didn't make any effort to hide it? >> no. >> when you were watching him with doris day, you are watching and everybody believing that doris day and rock hudson or the
5:51 am
quintessential couple? >> isn't it wonderful? >> bill: you were never in a movie with john wayne but you knew him? >> absolutely. >> did you own hollywood? >> when said jump, you said how high. he was that big. we were in the polo lounge and we met and he looked at me, how come we never worked together. i was feeling all right. i said because you're afraid to work with good actors. >> bill: man, did she shoot you. [ laughter ] >> bill: how did he respond to? >> that he laughed like crazy. >> bill: one of the movies everybody remembers you for is the dirty dozen. >> this war wasn't started for your private gratification. >> was that just crazy working with these guys? >> it's a disciplined kind of
5:52 am
disorder. you are know what i mean. >> vengeance with me. >> telly would be doing something else but all congealed into making one solid picture. >> bill: charles bronson, there is a guy you love i am? >> i loved him. he was a real guy. >> bill: it looked to me like the actors, 50s and 60's were a lot of tougher than the actors today. jack palance, clint eastwood come in hollywood with no present tension. today it looks dilatantish? >> it has changed tremendously. you are walking through the set and it's altogether different. it's not what it used to be. we were one big happy family at one time. >> bill: in your opinion a movie "read."
5:53 am
>> in that movie bruce willis? >> a sweetheart. i tell you, you pick and choose your friends, but you know a good guy. hey you are good guy, bill. i want to tell you in front of your face. >> bill: i appreciate that. >> kids now know you from spongebob la. [ laughter ] >> bill: you are blessed. 94 and the kids love you. stay on the path. >> it's stay away from the path. [ laughter ] >> bill: mr. borgnine i wand you here. we don't do a lot of celebrity stuff but you are a living legend. i think if hollywood ever needs an ambassador you are the guy. >> thank you sir. thank you very much. >> bill: one of my favorite guys of all time. pinheads and patriots, james
5:54 am
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in starring james carville and miracle chip, in a moment. but first, we've had a great time out here this week. everybody has been nice with the exception of one big tv star. not going to tell you who now. his day will come. contributions to fisher house which helps wounded warrior families now approaching $700,000, because we are offering my notes on the president obama super bowl
5:57 am
sunday interview, signed by me with the facsimile signature of the president for $500. this campaign is doing a tremendous amount of good for our military families. check it out on this weekend. last call for a free copy of pinheads and patriots. all you need to do is sign up for premium membership on this is a great deal. now the mail: >> bill: well, i don't see night stance as liberal, i think it is fair. your stance is pretty extreme. >> bill: i believe in some union protections. in the public sector the unions can no longer negotiate
5:58 am
benefits. there's too much corruption in the system. >> bill: because he had diplomatic immunity. >> bill: i agree in principle, but qadhafi is a ter list and he has to be held to account. -- >> bill: are you kidding me? i wrote an entire book on the subject. i've been talking about it for months. wise up. finally pinheads and patriots. our pal james carville picked up a little pocket change recently. >> you got these fancy mustards and stuff like that. miracle whip is america. i love it. my wife hates it. does that surprise anybody?
5:59 am
>> bill: miracle whip and james carville. is he a pinhead or patriot for that spot? please vote on last night we showed you this: >> bill: the results are in. 75% think jenna bush and company are pinheads for subjecting us to that. 25% believe they are patriots and have rhythm or something. that is it for us tonight from california. please check out the fox news factor website. please spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world!


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